Loi Bher Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park was established in 1988-1996 at Loi Bher reserve forests under the development scheme “Development of Wildlife Park Loi Bher Rawalpindi” at the cost of Rs. 46.682 millions on the hilly slopes region running  across river Kurang. (Stock Position)



Giraffe Slide

Playing Gagets


Children Swings

A beautiful view of indigenous forests


A  panoramic view of the Korang River

Resting Spot




New Monkeys enclosures

Young Urial with Party


Resting Blue Bull during heat of the Day

Strangers keen Sight of the black buck


Lions Party

Zebra's feeding on fresh Grass




4-8 oC Minimum
33-38 oC Maximum
Annual rainfall
1142.1 mm
9 Km from Rawalpindi city
Express Way, Korang Town, Isalamabad.

Timings of Visitors

Entry Fee

8:00 A.M to Sunset

  • Adult: Rs.10/-each
  • Children: Rs. 5/-each

Contact Us

Ph: (051) 5957081