Pirowal Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park was established in 1987-1990 under the development scheme “Improvement of Wildlife through development of habitat in Irrigated Forest Plantation of the Punjab” at the cost of Rs. 5.912 million in irrigated forest plantation (Pirowal playland). (Stock Position)


Spotted Deer responding to public

Chinkara walk down for browsing

Charming display of peafowl

Doimeselle Crane

Dancing Java Green Peafowl

Composed Silver Pheasant

Party of Giuinea Fowl

Male Koerean Ring Necked Pheasant

Resting Spot
Timings of Visitors
Entry Fee
6-11 oC Minimum
37-41 oC Maximum
Annual rainfall
186.8 mm
8:00 A.M to Sunset Free
Contact Us
10 Km from Khanewal city
Multan Road Pirowal, District Khanewal
Ph: (0652) 680110