Tender Notice for Purchase of ICT Equipments in GIS Lab Lahore


Tender Notice for Potted Plants Thal Range Management Division Bhakkar 


Afforestation and Landscaping of Shahdara Reserve Forests Land Bank near Mehmood Booti Landfill

Sealed Tender for the Procurement of various store items/ office equipments as per approved specifications of D.S.C are invited on F.O.R basis from ready stock from manufacturers, authorized dealers, agents/ suppliers.

Construction of Boundary Pillars in Thal Range Management Division

Hiring of Consultant (S) / Consortium of consultant(S)

The Government of the Punjab is planning to develop wildlife breeding centres on cost sharing basis under PPP mode in their relevant habitat or at the close proximity of suitable habitats on state / forest lands. The service of National / International Transaction Advisor (s) / consultants / consortium of consultants of International repute are required to conduct feasibility and develop strategic business plan with bankable investment proposals for Lal Sohanra National Park, Bahawalpur & Safari Zoo, Lahore Pakistan based on the study conducted by Bernard Harrison & Friends. Technical and financial proposals on prescribed formats in two separate sealed envelopes are invited as per scope of work mentioned in the TORs.


  • Lotwara for the Auction Held on Feb 2016
  • Lahore/ Sheikhupura Forest Division, Lahore


  • Tender Notice for supply of Ration, Beef, Fodder & Chicken etc. of all Zoo's and Wildlife Parks.

  • Auction  Jungle Cafe of Lahore Zoo Lahore 
  • Auction for Car Parking, Handmade Toys, Weight Machine & Camel Ride of Lahore Zoo Lahore 
  • Auction fpr Gate Entry and Parking Areas of all Wildlife Parks.
  • Auction for Pony Ride, Safari Coaster, Play Area, Canteen, and Public Toilet. 
  • Tender Notice for Procrement of Store Items under developmnent scheme Titled "Promotion of Social Forestry in the Punjab" 2015-16 to 2016-17
  • Lotwara for the Auction Held on 03.02.2016 Lahore / Sheikhupura Forest Division, Lahore
  • Tender Notice Bhakkar Forest Division, Bhakkar
  • Tender Notice Lahore/ Sheikhupura Forest Division
  • Tender Notice Bhakkar Forest Division, Bhakkar
  • Tender Notice "Afforestation and Landscaping of Shahdara Reserve Forests Land Bank near Mehmood Booti Landfill
  • Expression of Interest "Jungle Cafeteria, Food Court, Children Play Area, Wash Rooms at Jallo Forest  Park, Lahore.


  • Tender Notice "Purchase of Polythene Bag Guage 0.02'' (8'' x 4'')

Tender Notice

  • Procurement of various store items

Tender Notice

  • Construction of Collecting Tanks at Forest Complex, 24-Cooper Road, Lahore
  • Construction of Screening Chamber at Forest Complex, 24-Cooper Road, Lahore
  • Repair of Sewerage Line at Forest Complex, 24-Cooper Road, Lahore
  • Installation of Fiber Glass 3 ply with 1' 1/2'' to 2'' thick pipe along with painting Size 36' x 40' complete in all respect including labour charges for preparation and fixing at site

Tender Notice

  • Polythene bags, size 9'' x 7'' (0.015 gauge) 165 to 170 Nos. P. bags / kg inclusive all taxes. Prepared with pure plastic dana
  • Provision of healthy seedling (not less than 2’ height). List of seedlings is available with tender documents

Tender Notice

  • Large size Plants at least hight 5' like Pilkan Bohri, Arjan, Kachnar, Piple, Molsery, Amaltas, Tun, Gulkain, Arithia etc, (Rate of individual plant is required)
  • Purchase of silt
  • Purchase of Tractor MF 350 Plus (50 HP)
  • Purchase of Water Bouzer (1500 Gallon)

Tender Notice

  • Purchase of 8 HP Peter Engine with Boring Charges and laying out of Improvised PVC Pipe irrigation system with all Accessories
  • Purchase of 16 HP Peter Engine and Accessories complete in all respect with Boring Charges for Afforestation
  • Purchase of 30 HP Peter Turbine/ Peter Complete in all respect

Tender Notice 

  • Purchase of  Peter Engine 25 HP with pump 5"x7", PVC Stainer Pipe 130 Band Plug 1 No, Nipple 7"x8"
  • Purchase of 16 HP with rooter pump 3"x4" with all accessories
  • Peter engine 8 HP with rooter pump all accessories 

Tender Notice 

  • Purchase of Potted plants i.e. Kiker, Ber, Acacia Albida and other fooder plants tree size of P. plant 2 feet Bag 5"x9" or other size of P.Bag available must be mentioned