Rehabilitation of Shorkot Irrigated Plantation

Acute shortage of timber and firewood in the country demands to bring as much area as possible under tree cover to meet the demand of raw materials for wood based industries and local consumption of timber and firewood for domestic/commercial as well as agricultural use. The irrigated plantations included in the project have sizeable area for planting that necessitates inclusion of blank areas for planting. These areas are being utilized for the production of timber and firewood as primary objective of the management. The soil of the project is suitable for planting. The choice of species will be mainly Eucalyptus, Kikar etc according to the site condition. The planting will be done at spacing of 10*6 in accordance with working plan prescription.
This project will be implemented during the period 2016-2019. The total cost of the project is 85.017 million. Under this project afforestation over an area of 1000 acres besides raising of 946000 potted plants will be raised.