Schools Visits

December 09, 2013
Birthday Ceremony of Hippopotamus
Lahore Zoo’s hippopotamus named Raja turned 40 this year. Birthday was celebrated in collaboration with Academia De Averroes School, Valancia Town, Lahore. Students sang poems for Raja and Rani. Cake cutting ceremony was carried out by Director, Lahore Zoo and students. The young friends of zoo donated Rs.3000/- for their favorite animal.
November 13, 2013
Naming Ceremony of Puma Cubs
Lahore Zoo actively involve schools in different activities, one of them is the naming ceremony of new born animals. Lahore Grammar School, EME Lahore named our Puma cubs (mountain lion/ cougar) as ALICK and BAMBI. The cage of the cubs was beautifully decorated. Colorfully costumed children sang songs and poems for the newly named cubs. Cake cutting ceremony was carried out and children presented wooden balls for the cubs to play with. The cubs really enjoyed the wooden balls which was the source of the habitat enrichment and a very healthy activity as well.
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November 12, 2013
School Educational Trip
Resource Academia school visited the zoo. They were provided with the guided tour facility, student also fed different animals as elephant, giraffe, deers.
September 10, 2013
Kips School Lahore at Changa Manga
In this visit, teachers and students of the school planted saplings and delivered lecture to the teachers and students on Role of Trees in Changa Manga Park regarding Monsoon Tree Planting Campaign 2013
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