Research Initiatives

Listed are the research projects initiated by the Department:


Increase in human population, Habitat Shrinkage, Droughts and over exploitation of Wildlife resources have necessitated to identify research initiatives in various disciplines of wildlife for sustainable management, propagation and conservation of wildlife resources. Following research initiatives have been identified for private sector:
  • Captive Breeding Parameters for local people
  • Hatchery Husbandry for General Public
  • Population dynamics of endangered wildlife species
  • Short term, midterm and long term management plans  
  • PRAs for local communities (Participatory Rural Appraisal)
  • Disease diagnosis and medication
  • Vaccination and passive immunity
  • Animal behaviour with special focus on peripheral males
  • Food preference
  • Effects of seasonal changes on Wildlife   
  • Climograph
  • Limnological parameters
  • Siltation and Eutrophication
  • Biological control of dengue


  • Studies on fresh water fish fauna of central Punjab (Fisheries Management Section)
  • Impact of extruded feed on the growth performance of Rahu (Labeo rohita) reared at high stocking density in earthen nursing ponds (Biology & Ecology Section)
  • Evaluation of chemical approaches for controlling snails in aquatic environment (Chemistry Section)
  • Studies on press mud of sugar mills as the cheaper source of macro-nutrients for growth of Indian major carps Chinese carps in pond culture system (Chemistry Fish Quality Control Lab.)
  • Microbiological assessment of fishes and water of the river chenab Punjab, Pakistan (Microbiology Fish Qaulity Control Lab.)
  • Studies on growth and survival rate of Channa marulius (Saul) under different feeding regimes (Nutrition Section)