Pest Control

The Pest Control Forest Division was established in 1964-65 under PC-I titled "Control of Shisham Defoliator & other Forest Pests" with the following objectives:-
  • Pest Management
  • Liasion
  • Research Trials

Pest  Management

Carrying out surveys and population censuses of various forest pests and diseases  for the proper identification of the problem to find and execute the control measures for remedy.


The department aims at communicating with local and Foreign Pest Control Agencies, Plant Protection Department (Karachi) and Forest Entomologist at Pakistan Forest Institute (Peshawar) with regards to pest control management.

Research Trials

Reasearch trials are carried out to control pest, percupine and termites attack on nurseries and young forest plantations.

Major Diseases and Insects Causing Diseases

  • Kail Dieback. (Fusarium & Phytophtora Spp. etc.)
  • Shisham Dieback. (Fusarium & Phytophtora Spp. etc.)
  • Kikar Dieback. (Fusarium & Phytophtora Spp. etc.)


  • Shisham Defoliator (Plecoptera reflexa)
  • Shisham Leaf Minor (Leucoptera sphenograpta)
  • Shisham Leaf Roller (Dichomeris eridantis)
  • Kail Defoliator (Bistron regalis)
  • Poplar Defoliator (Ichthyura anastomosis)
  • Semul Stem Borer (Apriona cenerea)
  • Termites
  • Powder Post Beetle (Sinoxylon anale)
  • Bakain Defoliator (Ascotis imparata)

Other Diseases affecting Shisham

  • Ganoderma Lucidum (Fungus of roots)
  • Pin Hole Beetles (Borers of Shisham)
  • Long Horn Beetles (Borer of Shisham)

Major Pests of Forest


The defoliator usually attack nurseries, regeneration and afforestation areas.“Organophosphate”spray is used to kill leaf defoliator and large variety of other insects, with the doze of half leter per acre with a ratio of 1:160=0.6% solution in water.


The porcupine attack on nurseries and regeneration and afforestation areas.Fumigation of burrows is done with Aluminum Phosphide (Tablets) at a ratio of 5 Tablets per hole and then the burrow is plugged with soil.


Termite also attack on young plants.Chloropyrifos” is used at a ratio of 1 liter per acre through flood irrigation by mixing the pesticide in water drop by drop at the inlet (source of water).


Rat also attack on young plants.Field rats are controlled by “Aluminium Phosphide” Fumigation of burrows with Aluminium Phosphide (Tablets) @ 1 Tablets per hole and  then plug the burrow with cover with soil and baiting of various rodenticide
Following is the contact number of Pest Control Office known as Divisional Forest Officer, Pest Control Division, Lahore
+92 42 37705753