The department has framed its functions as follows:


  • Preparation and implementation of policies and programmes in forestry sector. Implementation of Forestry Laws and rules
  • Protection, conservation, development and management of renewable natural resources, particularly forests and range lands in the province
  • Sustainable management of forest for production of timber, firewood and other non-timber produce and services
  • Demarcation and protection of Forest lands against encroachment
  • Raising of nurseries and plantations
  • Provide extension services for mass awareness and conduct research and training for capacity building


  • Protection, conservation, preservation and management of wildlife resources
  • Management of protected areas, wildlife parks, safaris & zoos
  • Public and private participation through trophy hunting, private breeding farms, community based organizations and establishment of private game reserves 
  • Regulate intra-provincial and international import / export of wild animals / birds.
  • Preparation of development projects for ex-situ and in-situ conservation of threatened wildlife species. 
  • Provide legal avenues of hunting as a mode of conservation. 
  • To educate masses regarding wildlife conservation through publicity cell. 
  • Research, survey and training activities 


  • Extension services/fish farming/aquaculture development
  • Conservation, management and development of natural resources
  • Production of fish seed in hatchery & nurseries
  • Research &Training activities
  • Introduction of new technologies for enhancing fish production