Development of Pabbi National Park

There are two reserved forests namely Pabbi Reserve Forest and Rasul Reserve Forest. They are jointly called as Pabbi Rasul Reserve Forest.

PABBI FOREST was declared to be a reserved forest vide notification No. 109/ F of 6th March, 1879 under section 34 of the Indian Forest Act VII of 1878 published in Punjab Gazette of 06-03-1879 part-I page 75. 

RAKH RASUL was declared as reserved forest vide Notification No. 50/ F on 24th November, 1879. 

  1. Area of Rasul RF                       =    827 acres
  2. Area of Pabbi RF                       = 38047 acres

                                    Total                 = 38874 acre

The project has been prepared for provision of facilities and essentialities in the newly notified Pabbi National Park for the visitors and nature lovers specially the youth of the adjoining Districts as well as the enthusiasts travelling along the G.T Road from Lahore to Rawalpindi and vice versa. 

The Project is directly related to the Scopes of the Forestry and Wildlife Sector as it aims at development of natural resources, the conservation and enrichment of flora / fauna and provision of recreational facilities; overall Scope will be the improvement of natural environment. The conservation of the climax flora of Pabbi Rasul Forest Reserve / Pabbi National Park shall have an impact over the climate changes being faced in the country through resilience and mitigation activities.

G.Period:          24 Months – 2019-20 to 2020-21

District:-            Gujrat