Development of Dargai Gill Forest Park

The project has been prepared on forest land at Lahore Gujranwala Road near motorway interchange Kala Shah Kaku. As per forest sector Scope it’s the responsibility of forest department to provide recreational facilities for public by improving forest parks. There is no other park available in this area for general public. It is necessary to have a park in the area to provide a sufficient amount of active and passive recreational lands to meet current and future recreational needs of the community.

The Project is directly related to the Scopes of the Forestry and Wildlife Sector as it aims at development of natural resources, the conservation and enrichment of flora / fauna and provision of recreational facilities; overall Scope will be the improvement of natural environment. The conservation of the climax flora of Dargai Gill Park shall have an impact over the climate changes being faced in the country through resilience and mitigation activities. 

G.Period: 24 Months – 2019-20 to 2020-21

Area of the Park:            85 Acres

District:-                        Sheikhupura