Following libraries are available with Punjab Forest Department for getting information regarding forestry and environment related subjects:

Forest Library at PFRI Gatwala, Faisalabad

The Punjab Forestry Research Institute (PFRI), Faisalabad is proud to have a nice library and efforts are being made to enhance its capacity. PFRI Library started functioning during 1986 and it has a book stock of 4500 approx, a journal holding of nearly 46 titles and many reports and pamphlets. It provides technical information service not only to researchers and teaching staff but for all professional foresters.
LIMS (Library Information Management System) is used in the library of Punjab Forestry Research Institute (PFRI), Faisalabad. LIMS is a complete automated system, is a unique blend of technology, design, functionality that makes it a unique & leading information management system. It has a totally different concept that gives the user a whole new approach of management along with the in-built MIS "Management Information System" support. LIMS provides the followings key features to the users: User friendliness, Security and safety of data, Speed &  accuracy, Scalability, Flexibility, Uniqueness, Incorporation of latest technology. The PFRI Library is managed by a Librarian under the administrative control of the Director, Punjab Forestry Research Institute, Faisalabad. The PFRI Library is providing the various services to its users such as circulation, reference, current awareness service, reprographic service, online searching catalogues, bibliographic information and development of library services.

Fisheries Library Manawan Complex, Lahore

The Fisheries Research & Training Institute homes a library with latest scientific literature on different aspects of fisheries and aquaculture.
Which is the largest library in Pakistan, Researchers/scholars from different universities and reseach institutes as well as private fish farmers get benifited from this library.
2000 copies of different national and international journals and 17000 books/periodicals, scientific papers and biological abstracts, are available for the research workers and trainees. Latest books and periodicals are regularly added every year to the library. Besides students, researchers of various fields visit the library from local colleges, institutes, organizations, universities and departments for consulting literature as the library  has the best collection of technical literature and data on fisheries and aquaculture in the country.



          Wildlife is the least understood and the most underestimated field in developing countries. Wildlife Libraries are excellent for public awareness and Capacity Building. Many issues like protection of Wildlife, Identification of wildlife can be best understood by reading about it. Punjab Wildlife Research Center Gatwala Faisalabad houses library with over 2500 books on various aspects of wildlife and offer sitting capacity of 30 individuals at a time in serene environment.


          An auditorium is one of the core components of any research institution. Punjab Wildlife research center Gatwala Faisalabad has an auditorium with sitting capacity of 200 individuals that serves as a multipurpose facility from delivering lectures to mass gathering, training, seminar or holding an official function, press briefing and ceremony.