Landmark Legislation for Industrial Plantation under Public Private Partnership

The existing forest resources are depleting rapidly with the increasing population pressure. It is the need of the day to divert towards the industrial plantations on the land available for this purpose. Multipurpose fast growing tree species having short rotation shall be introduced to cope with domestic needs of the public for timber and firewood, to provide low cost material to wood based industries and to decrease pressure on natural forests and there by help to protect the natural forests. The department is interested to raise the industrial plantations with private public partnership approach for the development preservation and conservation of forest, forest land or waste land (Forest Act 1927 ammended 2010 Section 80-A). These plantations will be the source to increase the forest tree cover, to save the foreign exchange spent on import of raw material for the wood based industries and to generate the employment opportunities. The industrial plantation rules have already been notified for this purpose. Read more