GIS Lab has been established under Chief Minister Initiative in Punjab Forest Department. In Phase-I the GIS base mapping of six plantations was completed and covered an area of 7300 acres. District wise land cover atlas of Punjab was prepared using Landsat imagery for forest cover assesment. Forest area book (2012-13) with respect to forest type and legal status was prepared for the first time. Imparted GIS training to 500 Officers and officials of the Department. During current year Forest Type atlas consisting of area and location of forests has been prepared. Moreover training of the trainers to 96 persons has been imparted regarding GIS and GPS. Basic forest data as well as revenue record of 34 forest divisions is being collected and compiled. Resultantly the management, conservation and protection of forests has been improved. GIS base mapping of seven major irrigated and seven riverain forest over an area of 61799 acres and fixation of 1880 boundary pillars along the boundaries of various forests in D.G. Khan, Rawalpindi circle and Bhakkar Range Managemnet Division are in progress, beside procurement of  satellite imageries, IT equipments like Laptops,Desktop systems,Scanners and high accuracy GPS devices to strengthen the forest GIS Lab. An area of 160804 acres will be tackled in future for mapping. The period of this activity is 2013-14 to 2015-16.

Districtwise land cover assessment of Punjab

This document depicts district wise assessment of forest cover in Punjab including farmland and other major land cover classes. Five major land cover classes are described on the basis of their spectral response. Due to lack of resources, low resolution (30x30 meter) landsat imageries for the year 2012-13 were used for this study. These images were in raw format, that were further processed to extract the desired data through image processing techniques including geo-rectification, geometric corrections, image enhancement and classification techniques with contrast stretching. In the province of Punjab, the area under forest and allied purposes like Range Management and Wildlife is 1.66 million acre. It is pertinent to mention here that it was difficult to distinguish between forest cover and agriculture cover because of low resolution imagery. All possible precautions were taken to ensure the accuracy of this Atlas however, for accurate assessment of Forest cover, high resolution satellite imagery is prerequisite.

As per Landsat image 2012-13 the total area of Punjab is 50.96 million acres. Out of which area under tree cover in state as well as private land is 3.489 million acres. Hence total tree cover of Punjab is 6.85%.

Land Cover Assessment Maps

Forest Type Atlas of Punjab

Maps have long been a basic management tool for foresters. Maps are easily produced using GIS. The total area of Punjab is 50.95 million acres. The recorded forests area is 1.66 million acres (excluding) Linear Plantations, which constitutes 3.26 % of the geographic area of the Punjab. Major forest types occurring in the province are Irrigated Plantation, Riverain Forest, Scrub Forest, Range Lands and Coniferous Forest. Irrigated Plantations comprises 25.6%, Riverain Forests 10.6%, Scrub Forest 40.7%, Range lands 12.2%, Desert 2.3%, Coniferous forests 6.8% and Mix Forest (Coniferous/Scrub) 1.8% of total forest area of Punjab.

The preparation of Forest catalogue of Punjab Forest Department has been carried out for the first time since the creation of Pakistan. The information provided in this Forest Atlas gives a fair picture of locations of Forest resources with respect to Forest Types at Forest Division, Circle, Zonal levels. The locations of forests are marked based on the data/maps provided by field formations.