Future Plans


The department has taken some initiatives for the efficient planning of future in the context of its mission and vision. Few of the plans are listed as under:

  • Under the Chief Minister's special initiative, a total of 2530 acres is being afforested during 2013-14
  • The forest resources of Punjab shall be monitored through satellite in GIS laboratory
  • On the directions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, trees shall be planted on an area of 2050 acres during 2013-14 and 750 acres in future in Murree
  • Proposal for raising plantation for pulp is underway with Stora Enso (Finnish)
  • The Corporate Sector Responsibility (CSR) project of Engro was implemented in Changa Manga (200 acres)
  • While a project of Coca Cola over 50 acres is in pipeline at Lahore


  • Focus on illegal hunting, poaching and netting
  • Streamline budgetary constraints for feed & maintenance of wildlife parks and zoos
  • Properly address the habitat shrinkage issues and ensure multi-lateral management
  • Develop harmony among allied departments
  • Improve liaison among Provincial and Federal Wildlife Conservation Organizations
  • Research in various disciplines of wildlife sciences
  • Encourage participation of private sectors in wildlife resources management
  • Short-term, mid-term and long-term management plans for protected areas
  • Revisit the annual development program for new interventions


  • Establishment Of Fisheries Information/Extension Services Centre and Office at Lahore
  • Human Resources Development through Research and Training in Fisheries Department
  • Provision Of Alternate Energy source (Solar Pump) to Fish farmers community on matching Grant basis
  • Increase in Fish seed production to support private Fish Farmers
  • Delivery of Better Extension Services to Accelerate Fish Culture Practices
  • Development of Fisheries in Saline and Brackish Water of the Southern Zone of Punjab
  • Enhance Fish Seed Production Through Improvement of Existing Six Fish Seed Nursing Farms in Punjab
  • Development of Fisheries in D.G. Khan Division