Future Plans


The department has taken some initiatives for the efficient planning of future in the context of its mission and vision. Few of the plans are listed as under:

  • The Punjab Urban & Peri-Urban Forest Policy-2021
  • The Punjab Irrigated Forest & Eco-tourism Act-2021
  • The Punjab Endowment Act-2021
  • Conservation, Propagation and Promotion of Neglected Indigenous Wild Fruit Tree Species
  • Development of Dargai Gill Forest Park
  • Monitoring of Implementation of Urban and Peri - Urban Forest Policy   
  • Development of Pabbi National Park
  • Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme (Phase-I) Up-scaling of Green Pakistan Programme (Revised)
  • Afforestation of blank areas in irrigated plantations of Punjab


  • Streamline budgetary constraints for feed & maintenance of wildlife parks and zoos
  • Properly address the habitat shrinkage issues and ensure multi-lateral management
  • Research in various disciplines of wildlife sciences
  • Encourage participation of private sectors in wildlife resources management for socio-economic uplift
  • Short-term, mid-term and long-term management plans for protected areas
  • Establishment of Community Based Organizations for trophy hunting of ungulates throughout Punjab 
  • Establishment of Natural History Museum 
  • Improvement and restoration of Namal Lake, Mianwali
  • Establishment of Nature Reserves, National Parks, Wildlife Reserves 
  • Re-introduction / supplementation of threatened endemic species 
  • Coordination with allied departments to control the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. 
  • Collect and apply scientific evidence for trophy hunting programmes 
  • Promote eco-tourism in wildlife conservation areas 
  • Promote educational / awareness programmes for public 
  • Declaration of wetlands
  • Declaration of new National Parks


  • Rehabilitation of Site-B of Chashma Fisheries complex to enhance fish seed rearing capacity Chashma Mianwali
  • Rehabilitation and Upgradation of fish seed hatcheries to enhance fish seed production in Punjab
    • Sargodha, Rahimyar Khan, Rawalpindi, Rajanpur, Bahawalnagar, Murree and Sialkot
  • Conversion of barren lands into Aquaculture production units in Okara and Rajanpur
  • Awareness compain to enhance fish production and per capita fish consumption in Punjab to meet the nutritional requirements of masses
  • Introduction of Biofloc Fish culture technology in Punjab (A pilot project) 
    • Lahore, Rawalpindi and Bahawalpur
  • Establishment of Punjab Aquaculture Development Corporation Act 2021