Forest Nurseries


Potted Nursery
Bed Nursery
An area upon which young seedlings of trees are raised for forest planting. The supply of healthy planting is prerequisite for successful launching of tree plantation campaign. Raising of stumps seedling plants result in increase of tree cover in the province and also share in GDP. It also helps in economic and social uplift of the economy. It also generate employment during raising of nursery beside providing other tangible and intangible assets through planting of trees which result in carbon sequestration, increase oxygen omission, beside conserving indigenous flora and fauna through provision of ecological stable habitat. The Forest Department raised planting stock in potted and bed nursery for planting in state land and providing to Pakistan Army, other Govt. Department and private peoples. Resultantly the vegetation cover has increased in the province. As per report of the planting stock of November 2017 presently department is maintaining 354 potted plants nurseries through out the province bearing 22.35 million plants of various species. Similarly bed nurseries of Shisham, Semal, Poplar, Bakain and Toot are available on 228.5 acres having 9.4 million stumps.
For location of nurseries and detail of available planting stock contact respective offices of your district by clicking location tab