Fisheries Initiatives

The Punjab Fisheries Department is responsible for the conservation, protection, and management of fisheries resources across Punjab. The major achievements and milestones of the department in the last two years are as follows:

Key Initiatives

  • Establishing and revamping aquaculture research facilities in Punjab.
  • Optimum use of water resource through introduction of cage aquaculture in Punjab.
  • Installation of 500 cages through support program in private sector.
  • Financial support program for 2500 acres to initiate shrimp farming in private sector.
  • Establishment of Saline Water Aquaculture Research Centre (SWARC) in South Punjab
  • Enhancement of SR tilapia seed production.
  • Studies on economic analysis of cage fish culture in Potohar region.
  • Establishment of fish biodiversity hatchery at Trimmu Head works for sustainability of riverine fisheries resources.
  • Establishment of tilapia research centre at fisheries research and training institute Lahore.
  • Establishment of tilapia fish seed hatchery & shrimp culture farms at Muzaffargarh.
  • Establishment of fish seed hatchery & creation of research facility at Bhaseen, Lahore.
  • To stimulate the economic actives in the fisheries sector, the department has initiated a new scheme in 2019 to encourage the local production of shrimps. In this regard, an initiative is already started with the title “Pilot Shrimp Farming Cluster Development Project”.

Governance & Legislations

  • Department of Fisheries Punjab has drafted ‘Punjab Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy’. The key objectives of the policy are to increase the capacity of provincial fisheries organizations to implement the Punjab fisheries policy, promote fish consumption and fish supply in the province, facilitate an optimal environment for investment and alleviate poverty in Punjab.
  • Establishment of Punjab Aquaculture Development Corporation (PADC). The draft act of the corporation is under process for vetting at Law & Parliamentary Affair Department, Punjab.
  • Amendments in the Punjab Fisheries Ordinance, 1961 to control illegal fishing and facilitate/ timely service delivery to the stakeholders of the Fisheries Sector.

Facilitation in term of Ease of Doing Business

  • Department has created a centralized auction system that is created for public facilitation.
  • Department of Fisheries Punjab has proposed amendments in the rules for the installation of cages in public waters by the private sector.
  • Digitalization of fishing rights data for online access of private investors.
  • ISO-17025:2017 certification of Fish Quality Control Labs (for fish, feed and water t4esting).
  • Registration of private fish farms with coordinates and online fish farm registration system.
  • Provision of government fish nurseries/farms to private sector on lease basis.
  • Provision of on farm test / diagnostic facilities in Punjab.
  • Provision of extension services.