Director General

Director General Fisheries, being the operational head is responsible for the following:

  • To assist the Secretary, Government of the Punjab, FW&F Department being Chief Technical Advisor on Fish and Fisheries in the Province.
  • To ensure Management of Fisheries on scientific lines.
  • To keep financial discipline in the Department.
  • To maintain professional liaison with national and international organizations in connection with promotion/ conservation of Fisheries/Aquaculture.
  • To plan development projects on Fisheries.
  • To prepare the budget of Fisheries Department.

Deputy Director (Admin)

  • To assist the Director General Fisheries regarding all administrative matters.
  • To keep liaison with all Directorate of Fisheries for proper compliance on policies and administrative affairs.
  • To maintain proper record of staff strength, vacancy position and service records etc.

Deputy Director (Planning & Development)

  • To supervise the budget preparation and financial periodicals.
  • Reconcile the department’s income/receipt and expenditure reports.
  • To conduct, DAC/PAC to settle the audit paras.
  • Coordination in development schemes with the respective officers, preparation and achievements of targets for income, fish seed and stocking etc.

Senior Economist

  • Progress monitoring, evaluation, appraisal and feed back of project management.       
  • Preparation of reports and working papers etc.
  • Management, co-ordination and scrutiny of statistical data on Fish and Fisheries.
  • Streamline of evaluation and monitoring efforts through co-ordination and arranging facilities of the personnel working in the department.