Directorate General Fisheries

Director General Fisheries, being the operational head is responsible for the following:

  • To assist the Secretary, Government of the Punjab, FW&F Department being Chief Technical Advisor on Fish and Fisheries in the Province
  • To ensure Management of Fisheries on scientific lines
  • To keep financial discipline in the Department
  • To maintain professional liaison with national and international organizations in connection with promotion/ conservation of Fisheries/Aquaculture
  • To plan development projects on Fisheries
  • To prepare the budget of Fisheries Department

Director Fisheries (Admin/Ext.)

  • Supervision of administrative matters, stores and stocks
  • Budgetory matters, reconciliation of accounts and incomes
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Non-Development activities 
  • Lease of Public waters and approval of water bodies

Deputy Director (Admin)

  • To assist the Director General Fisheries regarding all administrative matters
  • To keep liaison with all Directorate of Fisheries for proper compliance on policies and administrative affairs
  • To maintain proper record of staff strength, vacancy position and service records etc

Deputy Director (Planning & Development)

  • To supervise the budget preparation and financial periodicals
  • Reconcile the department’s income/receipt and expenditure reports
  • To conduct, DAC/PAC to settle the audit paras
  • Coordination in development schemes with the respective officers, preparation and achievements of targets for income, fish seed and stocking etc

Senior Economist

  • Progress monitoring, evaluation, appraisal and feed back of project management  
  • Preparation of reports and working papers etc
  • Management, co-ordination and scrutiny of statistical data on Fish and Fisheries
  • Streamline of evaluation and monitoring efforts through co-ordination and arranging facilities of the personnel working in the department

The Fisheries Department is headed by the Director General who is further assisted by seven directors

  • Directorate of Admin
  • Directorate of Hatchery Management
  • Directorate Aquaculture
  • Directorate of Research & Training
  • Directorate of Biodiversity Hatchery
  • Directorate of PM&E/DPD
  • Directorate of SWARC

Director Fisheries (Aquaculture)

The directorate of aquaculture manages the following duties:
  • Supervision and coordination of development and extension works of the fisheries resources at provincial level
  • Conservation and management of the natural fisheries resources, including enforcement of fisheries enactment, leasing of fishing rights of public waters and promotion of the sport of fishing at provincial level etc.
  • Statistical work on fish and fisheries and socio-economic program of fishermen communities and fish marketing
  • Guidance of the public on designing and management of fish farms in the private sector

Director Fisheries (Hatchery Management)

The directorate is responsible for:
  • Supervision and coordination of fish seed production program at the hatcheries in the province
  • Guidance of the public designing of fish hatcheries in the private sector
  • Technical guidance to of the staff at government and private hatcheries on breeding, production of fish seed through hypophysation techniques and also the management of hatcheries
  • Analysis of technical data on reproductive physiology of commercially important fish species and recommendations on adoption, improvement and relative efficiency of different types of hatchery equipment and methods under optional environmental conditions in different ecological zones

Director Fisheries (Research & Training)

The directorate is responsible for the following:
  • Devise short term and long term research and training strategies in Aquaculture
  • Supervision and coordination of research and training programs at the institute and regional training sub-centers
  • Coordination and linkages with national and international institutions like NACA, D-8 countries, DFID, Sterling University, U.K etc.
  • To organize training workshops, seminars, symposia on different aspects of fish, fisheries and aquaculture
  • To develop improved management parameters in various aspects of fish and fisheries
  • Dissemination of aqua technology to increase fish productivity
  • To tackle other management and research problems that may arise from time to time

Director Fisheries (Biodiversity Hatchery Chashma)

  • Conservation, management and development of Chashma reservoir for better exploitation and utilization of fisheries resource.
  • Conduct scientific studies/survey of fish resources and preparation and implementation of the fisheries management plan.
  • Stocking of commercial valued fish species.
  • Provision of fish landing centre.
  • Socio-economic uplift of fishermen community.
  • Human resource development.
  • Quality of post harvested fish & fish products.

Director Fisheries (PM&E/PIU)

  • Work as Project Director of PSDP projects
  • Focal Person for the relevant PSDP projects of the Department of Fisheries Punjab for communication the progress of project with Fisheries Development Board (FDB) working under Ministry of National Food, Security & Research, Islamabad.
  • Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of cage installation and shrimp farming
  • Finance, Account & Budget distribution
  • Training and Capacity building through upgradation of +Training Sub Centers

Director Fisheries (SWARC)

  • To assist Project Director
  • Establishment of Saline Water Aquaculture Research Centre
  • Shrimp breeding
  • To facilitate live feed culture
  • Monitoring saline fish species breeding
  • Salinity analysis