Fisheries Research & Training Institute Complex

The Institute, located in Lahore and headed by the Director, produces technically trained manpower of various levels for development of aquaculture and fisheries in the public and private sectors. it also provides training facilities to the people of other provinces and AJK.Bilateral relations have been established with several research and educational institutions in the country and abroad to make the research and training programme more meaningful.



The Institute has following sections:

  • Fish Biology and Ecology Section
  • Nutrition Section
  • Aquaculture Section
  • Fisheries Management Section
  • Chemistry Section
  • Pathology and Disease Section

The institute is well equipped to undertake multi-disciplinary research work on applied and basic aspects of fisheries and aquaculture. As we strive to develop the institute into a centre of excellence therefore, we carry out several diverse training programs.
A training program based on the new methods and techniques of breeding and rearing of fish seed through artificial means, aquaculture practices and management of natural resources is being carried out for employees of the department under pre-service and in-service training. Moreover, training on fundamentals of fish culture is also being imparted to 600 employees of other nation building departments and private fish farmers annually. These training facilities are also being provided to other provinces. Recently, we have received requests from other countries like Iran, Turkey and Bangladesh etc. for training of their fisheries personnel.

The Institute also having following facilities: -

  • Nutrition Labortary
  • Water and Soil Analysis Labortary
  • Biology and Eco Labortary
  • Pathology Labortary
  • Auditorium
  • Museum

Details of Training Courses

  • Training program for fish farmers on fish seed production, rearing and transportation (3 Days)
  • Training program in modern techniques on fish farm management (3 Days)
  • Condensed course for fish farmers (6 Days)
  • Pre-service courses for Assistant Director Fisheries (6 Months)
  • Pre-service courses for Assistant Warden Fisheries/ Fisheries Research Assistant (1 Months)
  • In service pre-promotion course for Assistant Warden Fisheries/ Fisheries Research Assistants;
    Fisheries Supervisor and Fisheries Watchers (4 Months)

Refresher courses (15 days) for officers on:

  • Water quality management in fish ponds
  • Fish nutrition and feeding
  • Modern techniques in aquaculture
  • Pond engineering
  • Fish hatchery management

Refresher courses (15 days) for staff on:

  • Modern techniques in aquaculture
  • Fish seed production and rearing techniques
  • Fish health and disease control
  • Water quality management
  • Fish health and disease control
  • Brood stock management
  • Fish farming and breeding

Moreover, we are also conducting the training of women in spheres of fish food, ornamental fish culture, breeding and rearing aquaria and net making.