Fish Biodiversity Hatchery

The project aims at judicious fish conservation, management and development of Chashma reservoir for better exploitation and utilization of such an important large fisheries resource through concentration on fish biodiversity to have maximum sustainable yield (MSY). The major objectives of the project are:
  • Conduct scientific studies/survey of fish resources and preparation and implementation of the fisheries management plan.
  • Establishment of fish biodiversity hatchery for stock replenishment through fish seed recruitment.
  • Provision of fish landing centre.
  • Socio-economic uplift of fishermen community.
  • Human resource development.

Benefits and Analysis


Presently this water body is contributing about Rs.32 million on annual basis through leasing of fishing rights. However, the income generation would be enhanced manifold after the successful completion of the project.
The existing potential of the Chashma Barrage is 1200 to 1500 m. ton.
Social benefits with indicators
The fishermen community and peoples engaged in fisheries business would be directly benefited as well as the local population living in the surrounding villages would however be benefited with the creation of socio-economic facilities of the project.
Employment generation (direct and indirect)
Sixty four (64) new direct vacancies of different nature would be created during the development phase of the project. Beside this a number of indirect employments would be generated as a result of enhanced aquacultural related economic activities in the area.
Environmental impact
There would be environmentally friendly atmosphere as the project activity would have no negative impact on environment as the preventive measure would be adopted during the treatment process of pond fishes.  
Fish Biodiversity Hatchery Chashma
D.I. Khan Road Chashma District Mianwali
Phone: 0459-376899