Directorate General Wildlife

Director General being the operational head is responsible for the following:
  • Formulate developmental plans for wildlife and to supervise the execution of these plans
  • Direct and supervise the protection and preservation of wildlife in the province
  • Supervise the strict enforcement of the wildlife legislation by the wildlife staff
  • Advise the government on wildlife management
  • Advise and supervise the zoos management affairs (in the process of maintaining wild animals)
  • Supervise the work of the subordinate staff by spot inspection and through progress reports

Administrative Branch

The head of the administrative branch is responsible:
  • Deal with service matters of the officers and officials of the department
  • Maintain the personal record and service books of the officials
  • Deal with the matter of posting and transfer of officials

Accounts Branch

The accounts branch manages the following:
  • Preparation, distribution and control of the budget of Punjab Wildlife Department under Grant No. 23-Misc and Grant No.36-Development
  • Management of appropriation accounts, audit &inspection reports including internal audit and pre-audit of bills submitted by  zoos and safari parks and issuance of cheques and payments
  • Supervision of accounts matters of the  Wildlife & Parks department

Monitoring & Evaluation Branch

The monitoring and evaluation branch is responsible for the following:
  • Monitoring & evaluation of development and non-development projects of the department and the identification of bottlenecks in their implementation. Further, the branch advises ways and means for the achievements of stipulated targets
  • Draw feasibility reports of the projects by visiting the area of activities
  • Preparation of development projects

Management Branch

The management branch is responsible for the following:
  • Suggest ways and means for better management of wildlife
  • Maintain stock position of animals & birds kept at wildlife parks, breeding centers and zoos in Punjab
  • Processing of registration of private wildlife breeding farms. 
  • Dealing in affairs establishment of Private Game Reserves and Community Based Organizations 
  • Deal in sale of surplus stocks of various breeding facilities of the department
  • Processing of cases of intra-provincial and international import / export of wildlife species