D. G. Khan Rangelands

It lies between the base of Suleman hills and the Indus river and stretches over D.G.Khan and Rajanpur districts. The soil is deep, well-drained, calcareous, medium-textured and low in organic matter. Climate is broadly characterized by cold winters and very hot summers. June and July are the hottest months with an average maximum temperature of 42˚C. Average annual precipitation is 140 mm which is received in summer.




Jand Prosopis cineraria Dhaman Cenchrus ciliaris
Ber Zizyphus mauritiana Khabbal Cynodon dactylon
Van Salvadora oleoides Kahi Saccharum spontaneum
Kikar Acacia nilotica Chhimber Eleusine flagellifera
    Malai Panicum antidotale
    Lumb Aristida depressa
    Gorkha Elionurus hirsutus