Punjab Forestry Research Institute Gatwala, Faisalabad

Punjab Forest Research Institute, headed by the forest department, promotes sustainable forest management and the optimal use of forest resources through the knowledge and technology generated from the various researches conducted. Being the only research and training organization for forestry in Punjab, the institute has travelled a long way facing numerous difficulties. Its development from   scratch to a full fledge institution required intensive efforts, dedication, experience and continuity. Lack of facilities and incentives on the part of available personnel as well as shortage of manpower has been the main handicap in full functioning of the institute. However, despite of numerous constraints and problems, particularly manpower which still exists, the achievements of the institute have been impressive and appreciable.


  • Conduct research on forestry & allied disciplines
  • Impart professional forestry education
  • Arrange training courses for foresters, farmers, NGO's etc
  • Production & supply of quality seed

Research Priority Areas

  • Developing suitable technology for seed nursery and tree establishment
  • Increasing the yield of wood per unit area from all types of forests including farm lands by introducing fast growing multipurpose species
  • Studying tree/crop interface for improvement and designing of agroforestry systems
  • Streamline tree planting practices in arid, semi arid areas, waterlogged and saline soils etc
  • Development of wild lands for the production of one or more goods and services associated with forest areas such as timber, fuel wood, water, wildlife, forage and other minor forest products
  • Manage existing forest resources on sustained yield basis by keeping proper growing stock densities, estimating growth rate, allowable cut and ensuring natural regeneration etc. Further, we aim to identify the requisite Silvicultural treatments and management systems for better production


The Punjab Forestry Research Institute (PFRI) is functionally divided into Research and Training branch headed by the Director (BS-19). Under the control of Director, the research & training activities are executed by the respective Senior Research Officers and Divisional Forest Officer/SRO of the following:

  • Forest Management Branch
  • Range Management Branch
  • Extension and Training Branch
  • Silviculture Research Division
  • Sericulture Research

Research Sub-Centers and Field Stations

The research projects of PFRI are held throughout Punjab therefore, the field research sub-centers and field stations have been established in different ecological zones managed by our research staff. The research sub centers are as under:

Research Sub-Centers

  • Ghora Gali    
  • Bahawalpur

Field Stations

  • Changa Manga Irrigated Plantation
  • Chichawatni Irrigated Plantation
  • Shorkot Irrigated Plantation
  • Bhagat Irrigated Plantation
  • Daphar Irrigated Plantation

Experimental Sites

  • PFRI, Research Garden & Arboretum
  • Changa Manga Irrigated Plantation
  • Chichawatni Irrigated Plantation
  • Shorkot Irrigated Plantation
  • Bhagat Irrigated Plantation
  • Daphar Irrigated Plantation
  • DagarKotli (Thal Tract)
  • Bhakkar Irrigated Plantation
  • Murree Hills
  • Farmlands