Forests Services Academy Ghora Gali Murree

The British started scientific forest management in  Indo-Pak Sub-Continent in 1864. Main focus was to fulfill the requirements of Railways and Navy. Pioneer Institution Of Forestry Education in Subcontinent was British Imperial Forest School at Dehra Dun 1878, by Dietrich Brandis, The Founder and the 1st  Inspector General of Forests in Indo-Pak Sub Continent. 1881 Punjab Forest School Ghoragali was Established for Forestry Education.

In 1906, British Imperial Forest School was reorganized into Imperial Forest Research Institute, under the British Imperial Forestry Service for forestry research. Indian Forest College Dehra Dun was established in 1938 to impart forestry education. IFC was up graded in to Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA) in 1987.


“1881” Punjab Forest School Ghoragali was Established by British Government for Forestry Education of Field staff.

“1947”, after partition, Forestry Education in Pakistan was housed in Lyallpur Agriculture College

1948 “ Forestry Education was shifted to Upper Topa Murree.

“1951” Forestry Education was re-shifted to Abbottabad.

“1964” Finally Pakistan Forest Institute was established at  Peshawar.

“2017”  Forest Services Academy,  Ghora Gali, Murree Hills established, under a development project

Organizational Mendate


  1. Pre service training
  2. Pre promotion training


  1. In service short training on selected topic
  2. Community trainings


      Linkages & facilitation for forestry degree awarding universities.