The natural High Hill Coniferous Forests grow 765 metres above sea level between 320 6’ and 340 1’ North latitude and 720 47’ and 730 42’ East longitude. The average annual rainfall of the area of their occurrence varies from 1.01 to 1.45 meters. The forest areas are situated in Murree and Kahuta Tehsils of Rawalpindi and DG Khan Districts over an area of 199585 acres out of which 86169 acres are under Private Sector which are managed as “Guzara Forest”. Remaining 113416 acres are administered by Forest Department. An area of 30704 acres is under Coniferous / Scrub Forests in Transition Zone of Rawalpindi Districts i.e. Murree Forest Division.  The main species are Chir, Fir and Spruce.These forests are the only source of soft wood supply in the province and the timber is mainly used for construction purposes. Crude resin can be obtained from Chir trees and distilled to produce rosin and turpentine oil. These forest also provide recreational facility.