Jungle Train

Jungle Train enroutes from DFO office to Motel Rest Houses and ownward to Lunar Lake and back. Timings from morning to evening on all Sundays and other gazzeted holidays. The fair for children is Rs. 20/ each and for adults Rs. 40/ each were as special booking for Rs. 400 per hour per bogi also avaliable.


Wildlife zoo have been established to maintain wild animals in captivity in a state as close to nature as possible for specific  public recreation and education . Breeding of wlid animals in captivity is another objective of zoo establishment. Presently different types of birds and mammals are part of the zoo which includes blue bull, Monkey, Urial, spotted deer, Peacok and Patridges etc.

Luner Lake and Suspension Bridge

A very beautiful wooden bridge has been constructed on lunar lake in 1970. This bridge was designed and constructed with the help of Army Engineers. This single span bridge hanging with the help of steel ropes in the lane without pillars and is painted with multicolor and is the most interesting item in the plantation. One swings as one walks. The youngsters both boys and girls obtain ecstasy as they tread on it and the old have mocking grim on their faces.


Two stories Wooden Pagoda made in the lake which resembles Buddhist Pagoda stands on Kikar wood pillars. The building consists of two stories and is a beautiful wood lock monument. Painting with multicolor added to its grace.