Bahawalpur Zoological Gardens / Zoo

  • Date of Establishment


  • Area

25 Acres

  • Financing

Government of Punjab

  • Management

Punjab Wildlife & Parks Department

  • Facilities for Visitors

Canteen, Toilets, Children Amusement Facilities, Benches, Electric Water Coolers, Grassy Lawns

  • Exhibits

Lion / Tiger, Zebra, Ungulates, Monkey, Peafowl, Pheasants, Reptiles, Crocodile, Other Birds, Other Animals.    

  • Entry Fee    

Adult =Rs.6/- each
Child =Rs.4/- each

  • Parking Fee

Car =Rs.10/- each     
Motorcycle =Rs.5/- each
Cycle =Rs.3/- each    

  • Timing of Visitors

8:00 A.M to Sunset

  • Phone Number