Since its origin, the department has focused at helping conserve and protect the natural resources of Punjab. We have worked not only to protect the plant and animal species but also helped it multiply.


The department was created in 1886 under British rule as imperial forest service. After independence, in 1947, the department started functioning as Pakistan forest service. In 1969, after the dismemberment of one unit, Punjab Forest service was created. The Department inherited its laws and manuals from the British. The Forest Department proceeds under Forest Act 1927 amended in 2016.


Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department is the custodian of wildlife resources of the province and ensures the protection, preservation, conservation and management of wildlife and the resources. The Department has a checkered history from 1934 – 1973. In 1934 it was Game Department and sprouted out as Punjab Wildlife & Parks Department in 1973. Punjab Wildlife Act was promulgated in 1974 which stands amended up to 2007. The Punjab Protected Areas Act, 2020 has been enacted to strengthen the effective management of procted areas in Punjab


The knowledge of fish and fisheries is very old and has been recorded almost five thousand years back through old relics in Baluchistan. During the last four decades the science of fish and fish culture in the world has emerged with a promising role to solve food problem both quantitatively and qualitatively, as nutritionally fish meat can provide the best type of animal protein which is composed of broad spectrum amino acids that are easily digestible by the stomach. Additionally, the white meat of fish is almost cholesterol free and anti-cancerous.

Unfortunately in Pakistan per capita fish consumption is only 2kg/capita/annum which is too low as compared to the world’s average i.e.20kg/capita/year, according to the recent FAO mission’s report.