Wildlife Research Center Gatwala, Faisalabad

The Wildlife Department has a research institute in Gatwala, Faisalabad. The institute has two office blocks, 4500 sq. ft. each. The details of the training center are as below:

Infra-Structure of Punjab Wildlife Research Center
Auditorium Seating capacity for 200 Persons
Library More than 2000 books on Wildlife and Forestry
Laboratory Fully equipped
Training School In service training of Officers / Officials
Hostel  12 Rooms
 Nature of Training Courses
  • Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife Survey Techniques
  • Carrying capacity of habitats
  • Population fluctuations and data analysis
  • Morphology and ecological studies
  • Tranquilizing and restraining of animals
  • Hatchery husbandry
  • Data collection and manipulation
  • Updating of NGO’s
  • Population dynamics of endangered wildlife species
  • Short term, midterm and long term management plans 
  • PRA's for local communities (Participatory Rural Appraisal)