PFRI Laboratories

Punjab Forestry Research Institute, Gatwala, Faisalabad, has four functional laboratories for research and analysis of samples established before and after the research trials.

Plant propagation Lab

In the laboratory, MS Media is used to propagate different tree species with different concentration of hormones. Collected tissues of different healthy tree, auxiliary and apical tissues are used for propagation. The main objectives are: -

  • Propagation of plants – true to type
  • Raising of plants of problematic trees 
  • Production of disease resistant plants

Seed Testing Lab

In the seed testing laboratory, the germination of various tree seeds are checked prior to sowing in the field for research trials. Also, the viability and counting of minor seeds are done in the lab. The germination of seeds under controlled condition is checked in the germinator and in seed incubators. The main objectives are: -

  • Check the seed viability
  • Investigate percentage germination under different treatments
  • Various methods of utilization for hard seeds
  • Checking seed moisture content
  • Preservation methods for various seeds

Soil Testing Lab

A soil test provides information on the fertility status of soils that is particularly useful prior to seed back preparation. Soil acidity along with nutrient status is normally adjusted prior to seeding the tree crop. Forest soils have been distinguished from agricultural soils.  Plantations are literally human made forests in the sense that they are established and maintained as the result of site manipulation. Such effects to improve the site and increase tree survival and growth may have a profound influence on the soil’s physical, chemical and biological properties. Different soil tests conducted in the lab include: -

  • Collection of soil samples
  • Dry the soil samples
  • Grinding the soil samples
  • Analyze the sample
  • PH, EC, M.C, T.D.S, saturation percentage