Extension Services

In order to counter the effect of deteriorating quality and quantity of natural waters, the Department is actively involved in promotion of fish farming throughout the province for increasing the aquatic protein production for feeding the mankind.

In this content department provides following extension services to prospective and progressive fish farmers throughout the province free of cost.

  • Site visit and Preparation of feasibility report for construction of a fish farm
  • Analysis of water and Soil quality parameters for their suitability or otherwise for fish farming
  • Fish disease diagnostic services
  • Organization of one-week training courses and 6 months’ diploma courses on the fisheries and aquaculture and post-harvest handling
  • Facilitating the anglers for this healthy sport importing
  • On site advisory services to handle any unwelcoming adversity in farms
  • Focusing on development of healthy and modern marketing facilities
  • Managing the auction of fishing rights of public waters annually
  • Providing facilities like soft loans, hiring of bulldozers on agriculture tariff on other subsidies
  • Publicity campaigns are organized and mass awareness promoted through publishing and printing of literature, broachers, leaflets, streamers, banners etc.
  • Village melas and fields workshops are organized in all districts periodically
  • Holding Fish Farmers Convention for providing platform for direct interaction between the department personal and farmers where in issue faced in the sector are discussed and possible solutions are proposed
  • Assessment of fish stocks in public water and restocking of natural water bodies
  • Effects underway for adoption of GAPs good aquaculture practices BMPs best management practices adopted internationally
  • Establishing hatcheries and nurseries throughout the province for provision of quality seed to farmers
  • Establishment of fish Biodiversity Hatchery at chashma for study of rearing, culturing and breeding the indigenous fish fauna besides the cultured carps
  • Conservation and management of natural water bodies through implementation under the provinces Fisheries Ordinance 1961 Fisheries Amendment Rules