RESEEDING in Rakhs of Thal for livestock.
‘Chimpo’ the Chimpanzee soon in action at the Lahore Zoo
Fun ride on the jungle train awaits you at Changa Manga
‘DUMBO’ the Elephant – an Upcoming Attraction at Bahawalpur Zoo
  • New trends in growth pattern of monosex Tilapia
  • Fish quarantine facility to ensure quality and disease free imports of fish
  • Good Aquaculture practices to produce and promote quality certified fish
  • Planting of 12 millions saplings during Spring Tree Plantation Campaign is in progress for Enhancing Tree Cover in Punjab
  • Industrial Plantation on retrieved land under Public Private Partnership
  • Eco Friendly Forest Parks at Murree and improvement of facilities in forest parks
  • Veterinary Facilities at Safari Zoo, Lahore
  • Establishment of Chinkara and Blackbuck Breeding Centre, Lal Suhanra National Park, Bahawalpur
  • Improvement and Rehabilitation of Wildlife Park Bansra Gali, Murree